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A fag who drinks martinis
Liam drinks martinis, and is a faggot, sh he is therfore a fagatini.
by Da1nOnlyCJ January 18, 2008
A guapload is the equivalent of a shitload. a lot of a certian thing. the word "guap" means a lot. so a Guapload, is a shitload, plain and simple as that.
damn!! thats a Guapload of books!!!
by Da1nOnlyCJ September 20, 2008
A retarded language in which every word is followed by the word "nigger"
The sentence "the sky is high in the sky" becomes: "The nigger sky nigger is nigger high nigger in nigger the nigger sky nigger" that is the jist of speaking niggerfuck.
by Da1nOnlyCJ January 18, 2008

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