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Source: "America: The Book. A Guide to Democracy Inaction"
1. Either a martini enjoyed by "fags" or,
2. the aforementioned "fag".
Person 1: Steven likes those fagtinis!
Person 2: Well of course he does; he's one of them isn't he?
by slytherinwoodsie August 03, 2005
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The worlds smallest cigarettes.

Really small homosexuals.
Hey can i crash 10 fagatinis off you?

I had to stand on a chair to get some bum fun!
by Lionel richie February 27, 2007
A fag who drinks martinis
Liam drinks martinis, and is a faggot, sh he is therfore a fagatini.
by Da1nOnlyCJ January 18, 2008

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