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the act of being jewed or weased out of something
kyle said he'd give me his homework, but ended up niggerfucking me by not showing up for school
by Dizzle B October 20, 2007
There is only one possibility when you place one or more negroes together in a room with one or more banana mama's!

You'll end up with some black tissue!

In case if the black tissue is alive, it's called 'a nigger fuck' or 'niglet'!

Or, also possible is when a bunch of nigger fucks come out, then you'll have to call em in plural, 'nigger fuckS' or nigletS;
When placing male and female niggers together, you can expect an increase of 300% of that population in nigger fucks in the first year!

After 9 months the room will be too small, and nigger fucks will start screaming, running, and stealing around like crazy!

A pig breeds a pig,
Niggers produce fucks!
by fukaface! June 10, 2011
Just another compound insult with no real meaning yet its always fun to use.
you're such a...uh...niggerfuck!
by M Devito January 03, 2006
When too white kids come together and have their way with a black women, with her consent.
Whitey 1: Hello, fellow white friend, do you wish to double-tag that African decented women over there?

Whitey 2: Yes, I would enjoy that very much!

Negro Nancy: Oooo Lord, dem crackaz at it again! come on now, shoooo..this aint no "NIGGAH FUHK!" (nigger fuck)
by whitebill January 02, 2008
A retarded language in which every word is followed by the word "nigger"
The sentence "the sky is high in the sky" becomes: "The nigger sky nigger is nigger high nigger in nigger the nigger sky nigger" that is the jist of speaking niggerfuck.
by Da1nOnlyCJ January 18, 2008

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