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cunnilinguswhile the female is menstruating, because of the blood stains left on her thighs and the partner's face.
I told her that I wouldn't mind earning my red wings, after she told me that she was on the rag. You should have seen the look on her face when she realized I meant oral sex.
by dork February 17, 2005
A high school in Rochester, NY(25th best in the nation) full of preppy girls and boys, lots of cliques, with 3 near by bagel shops to service our ridiculously large Jewish community. Our sports teams always suck and we are known as the "fighting librarians."
"Miriam, with the large nose, who drives her mommy's BMW goes to Brighton."

"The stoner kid jamming to DMB or Phish on his IPod in the cafe goes to Brighton."

"When Allison gets into an accident during a free period in her volvo mommy comes to drop off the acura so She is not without an automobile. Allison goes to Brighton.

"All the cool Brighton kids hang out at "unity" sipping their starbucks in their Northface jackets."

"school bought lunch?? noooo we go to Wegmans to over pay cuz we are just tha classy...unless its pizza nugget day"
by DORK March 08, 2005
Incredibly cool, like kick ass yet so much better. Kick ass cool is used to define only the coolest;)
That John kid is kick ass cool.
by dork March 30, 2005
A lively bunch of chaps on the interweb who gather together to share links, news stories, and generally bicker at each other and call each other names.
Gee, I sure do like Madville!
by Dork August 26, 2003
For further information please see lyrh.
LW- Hey, I lyrdh.
SG- woooo
by Dork January 09, 2005
You know who you are, and you know what it means. ;)
It's our "lil thing"!
by Dork January 09, 2005
slang term incorporating both words homogenous and humongous; used as an adjective to describe objects that are extremely large and of the same kind
Jenny has humogenous flowers in her yard that are called hydrangea bushes
by dork June 26, 2003

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