24 definitions by DAWG

To just suck it up and deal with a problem like a man
I can't stand my boss. Well just shut the fuck up and down the mash.
by Dawg October 17, 2003
A trip to the local on a friday night
I would wash my hair but im choking tonight
by dawg November 14, 2004
A newly shaved sack. NO hair at all,
Lick my pornsack!
by dawg November 14, 2003
everything is excellent
That car you fixed up is down the mash.
by Dawg October 17, 2003
yerdawg rox
yerdawg is a slut
by dawg January 06, 2003
The patron saint of all things sinful.
you so bad, st. julien.
by Dawg February 05, 2005
used to be called Puff Daddy.
by Dawg February 26, 2003

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