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A constant source of comfort and my complete focus of attention. Meticulously sculpted in the visage of an angel. Such piercing and bright eyes that hide a troubled past, an uncertain present and a hopeful future. Expressions highlighted with accents of living color. A truly rare and selfless mind. A generous personality and a genuinely pleasant disposition. Someone so perfectly beautiful, inside and out, just full of love and life. A presence that could bring a smile to the most downtrodden and a heart so pure that it could cheerfully warm any of us even at our most bitter and jaded momennts. Captivating. A smile that melts ice. Keeper of my heart. My love. My good girl. My Felicia. My pet. My Kitten. My everything. I love you.
That's Felicia, she belongs to Master Decker.
by JJDecker November 30, 2013
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The name Felicia (a Latin female version of "Felix", meaning happiness) is associated with saints, poets, astronomical objects, plant genera, fictional characters, and animals, especially cats. There are several versions of flowers named after Felicia which include, felicia elongata and felicia filifolia. Both are very beautiful flowers to match the very lovely and beautiful name of Felicia.

Man: "Did you see that sexy exotic looking woman who just drove by like a bat out of hell?"

Man2: "She's superfine."

Man1: "That's because her name is Felicia, and she one hot tamale."
by Kittyz Sister June 13, 2007
Felicia is commonly used in the phrase "Bye Felicia!" Being a "Felicia" means that you are no longer relevant to or liked by the person who said it. A "Felicia" is also known as a bitch or someone who is just plain annoying.
Girl 1: Gosh your so stuck up! *hair flip*
Girl 2: Bye Felicia! *walks away*
by AHS Addict July 03, 2015
A hoe that lures you in and spits you out, making herself look like the victim.
I knew a Felicia and she's the epitome of bitch.
by The Gopnik August 19, 2016
Felicia is an amazing girl with some attitude. She stands up for what she believes in and always loves to be around people who make her smile. She loves fashion and hanging out with friends. When she gets into arguments, she can just say, BYE FELICIA!!!
I think I've one this argument. Bye Felicia!

Man, I really need a girl like Felicia.
Wow, Felicia has a great taste in fashion!
by Happygirl5629 July 21, 2016
It's someone who's been a mean person to you and can give a💩less about
Gtg nerd.

Bye Felicia

Who's Felicia

Search it up in the Urban Dictionary Felicia
by LukeGames Daily September 12, 2016
The act of giving oral sex. A blowjob.
Bro Emily gave me a felicia last night.
by Fruitypepplepop March 04, 2016
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