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To be totally out of it; inside your own world; in a complete daze.
Why you trippin on me dawg?
by DAWG April 01, 2005
A great webcomic creator and flash artist. Made the comic Hyperboy and some flash works include: Hyperboy The Movie, also, Geometry and You.
Gene Goldstein is friggin awesome.
by Dawg January 07, 2005
What rear racers refer to a 'Honda' as.
'That spoiler will look great on your HonDUH.'

'HonDUHs are Mad TyT3 yO!'

'Do you stock APC stickers for my HonDUH?'

'Woah, look... he has a HonDUH too!'

'Now that I have my fart can on, I can break into the 17's with my HonDUH!'
by Dawg December 05, 2003
One make and model of a spectacular sports car made by Diamond Star Motors (see also DSM) that daily hands Mustangs and Hondas their asses.
'If you had bought a Talon TSi AWD instead of your Mustang, you might know how to spell.'
by Dawg December 05, 2003
When some information does not successfully go through while using the internet. Most noticable when using a messenger service of some kind (msn, aim)
I didn't get all of whathe was saying because of the webfart.
by dawg March 14, 2005
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