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Last name of Russian small-arms designer Mikhail T. Kalashnikov. His seminal design was adopted by the Soviet Army in 1947 (although not fielded for a few years) as "Avtomat Kalashnikova" of 1947, or, "Automatic Rifle of (by) Kalashnikov", abbreviated to AK-47. It is a milestone in firearms design, combining an incredibly robust, soldier-proof design with relatively light weight. The ergonomics, like many Soviet-era designs, are somewhat lacking. The rifle is chambered for an "intermediate-power" cartridge, the 7.62x39mm, which is comparable to the 19th-century .30-30 Winchester. In 1959, the design was modernized and upgraded and the name changed to AKM (Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernizirovannyj; Automatic rifle of Kalashnikov, modernized). This design and its various folding-stock versions was standard issue for all Warsaw Pact countries until 1974, when it was modified yet again to take a new (and arguably less effective) cartridge, the 5.45x39mm, and became the AK-74. All of these rifles are generically termed "AKs" or "Kalashnikovs".
Mikhail Kalashnikov, while a Hero of The Soviet Union, made exactly zero money from the 50 million or so AKs made, and owns no part of the Ihzvesk plant that currently makes the bulk of Russia's AK models.
"The AK-47! When you absolutely, positively have to kill every motherfucker in the room - accept no substitutes!"
- Samuel L. Jackson, in "Jackie Brown"
by Da September 17, 2004
The unwanted act of smothering someone with the whole penis and scrotum. A modified variation of a teabag.
While passed out, Adrian Zmed was grabbing a slice along with being scribbled upon and antiqued.
by DA February 23, 2005
desiring sex or sensuality
Hey! Why are you so down?

Oh man! I'm craving rutledge!
by da February 12, 2004
A motorcycle gang formed by a group of man-like lesbians.
Ann and Fidelma are in the Dykes on Bikes.
by Da November 07, 2003
1. A half Demon, half Angel, bringer of doom and peace.
2. The eternal spawn of both the Lord Himself, and the darkest Hellish Lord of the Underground.
3. The ultimate counter lasher.
4. A mad kunt.
1. OMFG!!! FUKN Demonic Angel beat me again in a defensive. WTF his last melee was on 1hp.. FUKN JEWRAT

2. That demonic angel is a spy. He's a multi-ing magrat thats in multiple alliances. Stupid DA.

3. FKN Demonic Angel countered me again...this is BS.

4. Man, you're so cool. You're such a demonic angel. ROFL
by DA November 21, 2004
scamming occupation, one that you will constantly be a burden to the employee. Often this is in the form of lost wages, bonuses, time punches, scheduling misconformities, etc.
You should quit, it is such an Aegis.
by DA September 11, 2003
(n.) 1. blood sucking psychic vampire who feeds off of the torment of others 2. losers who laughs at those better off than him 3. one who is full of envy 4. see also: Joe
Shabadu can't get over his losing streak.
by da June 28, 2003
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