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the part of queens where 99% of the asian population lives; also home to the bland and plain houses, which are the only projects with asian residents.
you're more likely to get murked in flushing by a chinese gangster than a black one.
by d-block October 27, 2004
Place with big malls, cheap pool halls, and next to Jersey for cheap gas. South end is really part of New Jersey. Mostly rich and white except for Nyack, Spring Valley, and Haverstraw, in which half the town is as hood as School Street or Crown Heights.
Rockland ppl need 2 stop tryin 2 rep NYC, just rep ur own town.
by d-block October 27, 2004
that little button in the bottom left of the screen
Click here to begin.
by d-block October 23, 2003
Poughkeepsie, New York. Also known as "Power Kingdom," "PK". Every person, predominantly caucasian, from outside Poughkeepsie is terrified. Advice: Don't walk around after 10PM and you are fine.
Billy (Vassar Student): Wow man I really heard "PK," is that how you say it? Yea well i heard that place is really rough dude!

Jayson (Main Street Drug Dealer): Yea, you know it be rough from where we be. Dont be a bitch doh son cuz dudes wont hesitate to pop yo ass for that scrilla here man fo real.

Billy (Vassar Student): Man I really should watch out then huh man?

Jayson: Yo unless you coppin bounce!

Billy: Excuse me sir?

POP! POP! POP!......
by D-Block March 07, 2005
A word, often uttered by an individual under the influence of marijuana, that means absolutely nothing at all; or, at times, everything (See: "Cashed")
Yo man i've been rumplechillskin for like a year even though Richard Gere is such a queer that i hear he uses vagiclear.
by D-Block August 12, 2003
where the rich kids are scared to go down central ave to Nathans for the street races because it's technically Yonkers
"I got a bimmer!" "shuttup ur pops bought it for u. run those keys too." "please give me my car back!" "my whip now. peace."
by d-block October 27, 2004
1. The one refuge for the lizzlegizuard who desires food and/or beverage, provided that the food consists of chicken fingers.
2. Popular hangout for lizzlegizuards looking to get laid (see "Pump Room").
3. Home of "Smiley", the formerly mute attendant who is known for his dazzling smile and rediculous voice.
Yo K-Unit, lets GO DOWN to the snizzle bizzle and GET SOME...
by D-Block August 11, 2003
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