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K-unit is the best unit in the world. It has the hottest people and everyone wants to be in it.
person 1- oo look there's the k-unit!

person 2- I want to be part of the k-unit so bad!!!
by jlkajfdalkdfklsfjds99 March 31, 2005
The name of the so called "gang" that goes to I.S.T. They're of course not a real gang, and they think they're cool even though they have a faggy ass name.
"what's that noise?"
"it's just those douches in K-Unit driving around in their ugly rides."
by B-E-A-N-S-I-E August 10, 2008
KUNIT is a korean unit who plays counter-forces in his "white-tee". According to some sources, KUNIT is a domebuster.
damn yooo. that foo is a KUNIT!
by Thomas December 08, 2004
Group of people with 'K' as the first letter for their first name or surname
by Anonymous August 04, 2003
gangstas that chill up on the velvet. FOSHIZZY!! ANYUNHASAEYO!
k-k-k-k-K-UNIT?!!?!! SHIPSEKI
by siik November 25, 2003
Group of gangstas from New york a gang the leader is KEMP an the original three k unit members are funkmasta phil milkyway and Kemp Kemp is known for his dunkin an funkmasta is known for tryin to steal Kemp's hoes and milkyway is known for his balling
Shawn Kemp
by KEMP December 08, 2003
kenilworth wer we al live n evry one thts lives thr is part of the k-unit. The ghetto in Kent, United Kingdom.
u dnt wanna know why
by kkkkkk-unit August 07, 2005
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