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13 definitions by CutUpRough

a thong also known as a 'g' string worn by women, visible to us guys who love to sneak in a quick peek at every opportunity.
'Look at her gbanger its deluxe' yelled the horny old sailor as he saw a young lady bend over to pick her purse up off the ground.
by CutUpRough February 16, 2010
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The term used for when you are in the car driving along and you spot a very tidy female with a great set of cans and an awesome rig!
Bob and Tim were cruising down the street in their V8 Mustang, Bob spotted a Schulbarl there!
by CutUpRough April 30, 2010
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One who gets off at pumping up others expectations. Has the capacity to deliver on promises but fails to do so leaving their victims to slowly deflate.
Toby "The boss is in a weird mood, he looks like he's just got 'his kicks' out of something."

Leah "Yeah, he's been up to his old tricks again, promising us a pay rise, getting our expectations up but you know he is a ManPump, he won't deliver."
by CutUpRough April 30, 2010
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The level of shit a bloke gets into with his wife. Generally occurs after a night out on the booze with his mates and he gets home very very late.

Shitometer readings -

10/10 - roaring, you are in the doghouse!

5/10 - usually still at this level 5 days after peaking at 10/10.

3/10 - simmering and ready to erupt at any tick of the clock, the shitometer never goes lower than 3/10.
Mahalis 'Are we heading out tonight for a drink'?

Mohamed 'Sorry Mahalis, the Shitometer is roaring'!
by CutUpRough July 29, 2010
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A new 'Buzz Word' used in Management Meetings that assesses the outcomes discovered when reviewing a process already undertaken, but it also reveals why the reveiw was conducted.
Once we have completed this process we'll apply the Double Back Loop and we'll be in a position to release the companies findings.
by CutUpRough May 13, 2010
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When one human deliberately pumps up another humans state of mind and/or expectations by promising things they have the capacity of delivering but fail to do so leaving them to slowly deflate.
Jim "What is up with Louis, he doesn't seem himself today, he looks quite deflated."

Michelle "Yeah, he has been ManPumped, I heard him mention the other day that his father in law promised to help him and loan him some money but didn't deliver."
by CutUpRough April 27, 2010
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