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Outi is a definition for a gorgeous girl with huge problem with alcohol. Usually can be found from southern Finland getting her kicks out from handsome man who are more than willing to pay attention towards her.
Oh my god, its outi! Look at all those men around her! And what a surprize, she's drunk, again!
by HippAri April 03, 2005
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Outi's a gorgeous girl with a mystical vibe around her. Out of league for many men, but a true joy to be around nevertheless. Her eyes sparkle with love and her heart's full of desire. Whatever you do, don't try to ground Outi, because what she likes best is to fly. Cherish Outi, and you won't regret it. Don't let go!
Oh my, there's Outi. I wish she would just look at me for a brief moment, so I could get lost in her eyes.
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by Gngr October 11, 2016
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