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1. In Norse mythology, the final destruction of the gods in a great battle against the forces of evil, after which a new world will arise.

2. A sexual move consisting of the action of orally pleasing a woman while similtaneously moving one's index and middle fingers palms up against the inside of her vagina; -inf; -ed
She specifically that he give her Ragnarok, and he Ragnaroked her in reply.
by Curtis Meyer March 13, 2008
What frienemies to do to each other.
Oh Melissa, I totally tolerhate you, mostly because you get me into clubs for free.
by Curtis Meyer October 23, 2009
Short for "hypochrondriac"; Someone who is unaware of their lack of popularity. (I.E., Someone who thinks they're ill.)
He is such a hypo in his Members Only jacket.
by Curtis Meyer March 25, 2008
1. Rough sex.

2. An attractive person worthy of rough sex

Comes from:
I need a thick freak; I can't be fuckin' with frail chicks / 'cause when I bust a nut, I'll leave her pussy lookin' like trail mix."

- David "Strat" Campbell, in a freestyle

1. I hate clubs. The only reason I even go out nowadays is to try and score some trail mix.

2. Party #1 to Party #2: Hey man, check out that piece of trail mix winking at your from across the bar.
by curtis meyer October 23, 2009
1. Someone with a sexual preference towards females.
2. A heterosexual male.
3. A lesbian.
I always though he was gay, but it turns out he's actually a cat person.
by Curtis Meyer March 25, 2008
To vomit (Spelled and pronounced the same as the famous Icelandic singer of the same name.); -ing, -ed
"I was dancing peacefully in the club until that drunk fellow bjorked all over my shoes."
by Curtis Meyer March 13, 2008
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