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n.- An air possessed by one of equal part swagger and magnificence. (One who possesses this trait is "swagnificent.")
"The air Liberace is so revered comes in part from his air of swagnificence."
by curtis meyer February 13, 2010
An extensive vocabulary of words up to eight letters long, which proves beneficial during games of Scrabble.
I'm hesistant to paly Scrabble against Brendan because of the size of his VoScrabulary.
by Curtis Meyer November 13, 2009
Describes a female who is physically attractive with qualities that imply an air of being overbearing.
Kimora Lee Simmons is bitch pretty.
by Curtis Meyer March 25, 2008
His response to the politican's testimony was to cry, "Bujadepieux!"
by Curtis Meyer March 17, 2008
The relationship between shorties and cat-callers. ("Aiyo shorty!")
The call girl and the construction worker had an aiyo!mance.
by Curtis Meyer October 26, 2009
An strain of a sexually transmitted disease that comes from interacting with loose women (I.E. "chickenheads.")
After our fun last night, I woke up with a bad case of chickenscratch.
by Curtis Meyer July 23, 2008
To narrow one's eyes; A combination of a wince and and a squint; -ing; -ed (Created by Brianna Brumfield of Orlando, Florida)
I had to squince to find my friends in the movie theater.

His eyes squinced as he stared at the sun.
by Curtis Meyer March 13, 2008

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