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7 definitions by Cruisin Otter

Knuckzilla - An absolute Mooseknuckle Queen. Most Knuckzillas start fisting at a very young age then graduate to footies, watermelons & Texas Mickey bottles. Making love to a Knuckzilla can be very tricky & dangerous because sometimes toys, ben wa balls and used tampons are left inside the vaginal cavity causing penile head abrasions during intercourse. A pre-trip before riding a Knuckzilla is mandatory to avoid dirty dick injury.
Orville: Horace, do you know if Mandingo is ok?
Horace: Didn't know he was hurt. What happened?
Orville: We were at a party chuggin a beer when Knuckzilla walked in and caused Mandingo to turn white & jump out the 2nd floor window. I guess Knuckzilla made him feel inadequate and he panicked.
Horace: Wow. And Mandingo has a 14" weapon.
Orville: Yeh, I know. But I guess Mandingo watched her mount a Texas Mickey at some party and that scared him.
by cruisin otter September 14, 2012
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Womfat - a cute but constantly foraging minature pincher dog looking for food to gorge on. Fece samples clearly reveal womfats consume everything & anything in their way. Real PIGS!!!
Maestros: Holy Shit Orville! I have no fuckin food left. A Tazmanian Devil must have went through my cupboards and pantry?
Orville: No Maestros. It's that fuckin Womfat you bought. They'll fuckin eat you right out of your house and home.
Maestros: Fuck!!! I knew I should have bought a weiner dog instead. Them Womfats eat everything in sight then give you the innocent puppy dog look:( aaaaaaarghhhh
by cruisin otter September 19, 2012
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Cherries Busted - When a woman loses her virginity and her hymen is completely lacerated by phallic thrusts.
There she lies a legs wide open, eyes afire her cunt still smokin', she's been fucked I ain't jokin', by a drunken sailor. Won't her mother be disgusted, when she finds her Cherries Busted, won't her father be surprised, when he sees her belly rise.
by cruisin otter September 17, 2012
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Rimerdick - like a Limerick but a poem that uses disgusting Urban Dictionary slang words in a 5 verse format.
Urban Dictionary is the best, at packing words that I detest, cock munch hose beast fugly shit spew, Rimerdick cock block dirty dick too. Fucked up words from a fucked up guest!!!
by cruisin otter September 16, 2012
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Popsicle Stick Preening - the final & finishing touches for females wearing extremely tight jeans. The female presses and seesaws a popsicle stick between her labia lips to form a crevice and design. Different designs have been given names like: BPF (bulging piss flaps), camel toe, small verticle smile etc. In many cases it also produces pleasure that encourages and rewards the act of pussy preening.
Eh Elmer, you should have been at Rebecca's party last weekend. They had a sex toy sales lady showing the girls Popsicle Stick Preening. They even had popsicle sticks that vibrate like a tuning fork. It was quite evident Monday morning at school that many girls are buying into the concept. I was so overcome by this one preened camel toe that I was forced to rush to the boys room and "Choke my Chicken." RELIEF!!!
by cruisin otter September 10, 2012
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Trollfelcher - a cunning ugly high hormone man that hides in tree stands and waits for marks to sodomize. After successfully sodomizing his mark, he will finish the job by extracting his own ejaculation by way of bamboo shoot and carving a notch in his shoot.
Hey Wolfgang, don't bother using that shortcut through the bush to the mall anymore. Apparently Boris took the shortcut last week and he got sodomized by a Trollfelcher hiding in a tree. Poor bastard got finished off with a bamboo shoot too. They say he walks like a question mark now.
by cruisin otter September 09, 2012
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Duogar - pronounced Dugar. A married cougar who has 2 men in her life. A husband that provides income to pay for the Duogar's extragavant lifestyle but rarely gets sex in return (pussy whipped). The husband is usually saddled with the chores, deeds and dirty jobs the Duogar refuses to do. The other man is the Bolo. He performs free & wild sex to the Duogar in exchange for free gifts & comfort that indirectly comes from the husband. The Bolo must pay close attention to the Duogar's needs; otherwise long fingernail scratches inflicted on the Bolo's back can cause unwanted harm & pain.
Rudy: Holy Crap Jeff, my Duogar's husband is leaving for 28 days instead of 14.
Jeff: What's the big deal Rudy? It's just another 14 days.
Rudy: It is a big deal. After 14 days I'm totally reduced to rib & bone. I can't fathom having sex for an extra 14 days with my Duogar.
Jeff: Rudy, focus on the positives. How would you like to be in the Duogar's husbands shoes?
Rudy: Ya, your right Jeff. I'll just have to spend more time using toys & ropes instead of pelvic grinding.
by Cruisin Otter September 03, 2012
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