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Popsicle Stick Preening - the final & finishing touches for females wearing extremely tight jeans. The female presses and seesaws a popsicle stick between her labia lips to form a crevice and design. Different designs have been given names like: BPF (bulging piss flaps), camel toe, small verticle smile etc. In many cases it also produces pleasure that encourages and rewards the act of pussy preening.
Eh Elmer, you should have been at Rebecca's party last weekend. They had a sex toy sales lady showing the girls Popsicle Stick Preening. They even had popsicle sticks that vibrate like a tuning fork. It was quite evident Monday morning at school that many girls are buying into the concept. I was so overcome by this one preened camel toe that I was forced to rush to the boys room and "Choke my Chicken." RELIEF!!!
by cruisin otter September 10, 2012

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