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Medical lingo spoken by EMS and emergency room personnel to denote a patient who is incontinent of feces. Used in the presence of family or other persons who don't want to hear, "He's shat himself."
"Glove up before you unwrap this chud, he's code brown.
by Crawlover July 03, 2004
To have sex. Used in the movie "A League of Their Own" and spoken by Jon Lovitz.
"Aw, dry yer eyes. Yeah, I'm going to go home, have a shave and a shower, give the wife a little pickle tickle."
by Crawlover July 03, 2004
Testicles, esp. pendulous ones
"So I kick open the door to the locker room and Fred's bent over in front of his locker, and I'm seeing his starfish and clock weights. My retinas are burning."
by Crawlover July 03, 2004
A pungent odor.
See mung.
by Crawlover July 03, 2004
Paramedic term for an individual who is having some sort of mental illness.
"We had to call medcontrol and knock up the wackbiscuit with some Thorazine."
by Crawlover July 03, 2004
Having an emergent need to defecate.
"I'm browncapping so bad I'm going to turtlehead if we don't find a bathroom soon."
by Crawlover July 03, 2004
Police term for camoflage consisting of an oversize white T-shirt and baggy blue jeans. Worn by urban youth in an attempt to produce a vague and unhelpful suspect lookout.
"Lookout's for two code-one males, yoniformed. That's about half the fucking city, so have another donut, bunky."
by Crawlover November 07, 2005

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