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The person who sleeps above or below you in a bunk bed, particularly in prison slang.
I didn't sleep a wink 'cuz my bunky was looking at feen magazines and spanking his monkey all night long.
by never_go_back August 28, 2007
(noun) Derived from the word bunk. A person who speaks shit all the time; adept at maneuvring themselves into high profile, highly paid positions in companies, invariably using bunk tactics. They often use name-dropping techniques and display large quantities of irrelevant business cards accumulated in their illustrious careers.
Bunky was talking so much poppycock on that conference call that the telecon host had to abrubtly intervene and give the participants a timeout.
by Highbrow September 27, 2006
An Australian colloquial term for an old vehicle that is used frequently. Noun: A vehicle that is used as primary form of transport for going to work or events that may require less glamour. Usually in the form of an old car or motorcycle.
I am going to take bunky to work and leave my Ducati at home.
by joe table lamp chair carpet November 27, 2007
A Lowcountry(SC) word for ass.
Look at dat gurl wit the big ole bunky.
by SKYY June 22, 2004
Sexy and screwable
We were on the dance floor, getting funky. Then he started rubbing up on me the right way, and I knew he was bunky.
by Max Blutarski March 04, 2010
Bunky refferes to a situation or person(s) that is unappealing or not acceptable
For Example: "I don't want to go to the mall that's bunky."
"That skateboard trick was bunky."
by adam pisecny April 04, 2006
From the word "bunk", "to bunk" as in sleep this word is sometimes used to describe a mini-cottage that not quite as big as a cottage but just big enough to sleep a person or few.
"We're going to John's bunky for the weekend"
by TooTall aka Dlugi July 30, 2009
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