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Kingston in UK slang to describe something positive, good or cool. Does not have anything to do with the popular family TV program, Doctor Who.
Mmm.. this sandwich is fucking doctor who.

You're getting married? OH MY GOD SO FUCKING DOCTOR WHO!!

Mrs Armstrong gave me a detention for pointing out that even if you cant draw in perspective you wont die miserable and lonely. Thats so not fucking doctor who.
by CowPidgin November 10, 2006
simple language that is surprisingly hard to understand if you dont know it. Also called G language, caveman language, ugg language. All you have to do is put "uvag" before every vowel. So pasta = puvagastuvaga.
random person: i love huvaguvag language!
person 1: huvagelluvago, wuvagassuvagup duvagawg?
person 2: wth?
person 1: yuvagou uvagare uvaga uvagugluvagy buvagitch. *smiles sweetly*
person 2: hey, i have no idea what your saying, but thanks.
person 1: nuvago pruvagobluvagem, duvagumbuvagass.
by CowPidgin December 09, 2006
Objects free of cost (e.g. a bottle of shower gel) that you find in a loo or a bathroom, often in a hotel. Some argue this could be extended to soap and even toilet paper as, even though you are not REALLY meant to take them, what self-respecting cheapskate with OCD and a bum fetish can resist stealing WOOPS i mean.. um.. taking over the ownership of a nice roll of toilet paper. man, that was a long sentence.
Person 1: Hey, what happened?
Person 2 wrapped in toilet paper: Nothing, I just found some floobies in the toilet.
Person 1: Cool.
by CowPidgin December 04, 2006
derived from Sup, which is derived from What's Up. Used by only the most in tune youth, on messaging or in conversation, pronounced like the word 'soup'. The really amazingly cool people will use this happy coincedence as an amusing play on the word, by putting a variety of soup in front of it.
Hey, soop.
Nothing much.

Yo, vegetable soop.
Im going to Derek's party. Coming?
Nah. he is so not fucking doctor who.
by CowPidgin November 18, 2006
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