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To shoot a gap. Refers to the sound made when cutting it close. Often accompanies a huge adrenaline rush. Originates from track when a runner passes between 2 other runners, and recently has made its way into common usage.
SOOP!! (while shooting a gap)

Did you see that? I sooped so hard on that final turn.

Hurry up and soop or that car will nail you, bro.
by mr. runsalot January 18, 2011
Short for Superman.
The Flash: Wheres Soops?
Batman: Hes out on a mission.
by M. Aguilar June 04, 2007
A phonetical spelling of the Canadian pronunciation of "sup", meaning "what's up".
As the maple syrup farmer said "soop" as his friend entered the house with a 2-4 of Blue.
by jojep February 26, 2014
a cross between "sorry" and "oops".
used when apologising for an accident.
(girl knocks boy over)
girl: soops!
boy: s'okay.
by e. hooper May 08, 2008
To create or drink a soup composed of alcohol and marijuana.
Unbeknownst to the teacher, Julia would soop her ass off in Home Ec.
by xymoses April 23, 2003
Sooping is used by British paedophiles as a code word or expression for the act of bumming a girl under the age of 14.
He is out sooping the dirty bastard!
by HOOPINGQUEEN February 17, 2011
Pronounced "soup". Stands for "Sex Offender On Probation" Often used when someone extremely ugly or creepy looking is nearby. Also used for people who annoy the crap out of you and are ugly at the same time.
Person One: "Dude,look at that SOOP over there!"

Person Two: "Aw shit! Let's go before he tries to talk to us!"

Person Three: "Or we could just stand here and make fun of him..."
by smarties&babyruth May 08, 2010

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