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from the word cocaine. Another term for cocaine.
Yeah that caine done made me rich
by cocaine706 December 05, 2004
A really great guy in general! Not just a slang word for Cocaine. He is a guy with good intentions. Very Smart and funny. The kind of person you can talk about anything with. Caine's have awesome personalities. Though they can be a little overly sensitive at times. Everyone loves Caine. Caine's are also very attractive. Not only for their looks, but for their personalities as well. Caines are HILARIOUS. They really know how to have a good time and are usually very friendly. In relationships, Caine's are usually very faithful, but tend to flirt a lot with other people. Caine's usually have a lot of people crushing on them.
Person 1: OMG! look there's caine!

Person 2: oh, i know! He's so hot and funny..
#personalities #love #kind #sensitive #relationships
by unknowncutie18 November 11, 2011
(Trans.) To excessively punish, disparage, inconvenience or burden.

(Intrans.) To act wild or out of control, especially in reference to drinking.
Aw man, my boss totally cained me with work this weekend.

I can't go; my girlfriend would caine me.

You up for caining it tonight?
#drinking #wild #punish #burden #partying
by Childe July 14, 2008
A very good friend. He isn't just a name for a drug. He is a sweet boy with good intentions and he isn't afraid to be himself. He can sometimes embarrass himself, but he sticks with it because he isn't afraid what snide comments might come after and that's what makes him special.
Person 1: "Why did he say that?"

Person 2: "He's a Caine!"
#kane #cain #cane #kaine #candycane
by Grrrrr:D November 09, 2011
Someone that practises sex positions on domestic cats and other felines.
Caine likes the pussy
#caine #pussy #kitty-fiddler #cat #caine-the-cat
by gester11 October 04, 2011
To consume rapidly, with regards to drugs.
Cained is to have used it all.
he is really caining that weed.
he has cained that weed.
#use #used #use up #take #consume
by OLD GIT June 22, 2007
slang for dope, coke, angeldust, white powdery substance, cocaine, mainly columbian but you gotta see Pablo Escobar for that.
Yo man I'm a slang some caine and get some funds. Would you like a nickel or dime of caine.
by Irish Whiskey Man 4280 March 11, 2003
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