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A sport played in the U.S. by huge, ripped dudes (and a few extremely fat ones), which apparently makes Europeans want to murder even more than a well-played soccer match does.
Fan 1: Hey! Did you have a good time at the American Football game?

Fan 2: Hells yeah. The Lions actually won, if you can believe it.

Fan 1: Did any fans or refs get murdered by a seething mob after the game?

Fan 2: No... Why do you ask?
by CoolHandChris December 14, 2004
A derogatory nickname for the Detroit Lions' quarterback, Joey Harrington which came about as fans realized that, no matter how badly he played, Harrington always characterized his performances, and the situation in general, in an extremely positive or "blueskies" manner during his post-game interview.
I can't take it anymore, Broham. The Colts won 41-9 and all Joey Blueskies had to say after the game was, "I made some great throws out there today. We really did some great things on offense. It just got away from us after the first quarter."
by CoolHandChris December 13, 2004
1)A Detroit Lions fan who has been driven at least partially insane from watching too much bad football and, thus, is obsessed with the notion that Joey Harrington has great potential as a quarterback, or is already a great quarterback.

Joey Lovers are usually, although not strictly, positive, outgoing people by nature. Because of their love of the Lions, they cannot bear to think about what it would mean to the franchise if Joey is a total bust(second def.), so they shield themselves from this possibility by defending Joey in all situations and at all cost.

A True Joey Lover will often be overheard saying things like "There are AT LEAST four quarterbacks in the NFL that are worse than Joey" or "If Hakim, Streets, and Alexander could catch the ball, maybe Joey would put up some numbers!" or "Joey is NOT a 'noodle arm,' in fact, he has one of the strongest arms in the NFL" or "Even Favre couldn't throw the ball in that weather."

A Joey Lover spends a lot of time arguing with his shadow doppelganger or antithesis, the Joey Hater, although whereas the Joey Hater derives pleasure from this activity, it makes the Joey Lover nervous and uncomfortable. However, he knows he must do battle because Joey is not there to defend himself against the brutish attacks.

Joey Lovers are no strangers to being accused of having homosexual affection for Joey. Few actually do, but even those who don't accept this perceptual burden because they know Joey needs their strength if he is to persevere.

Also see manservant.

2)Any Oregon Duck fan.
Sweet Lord take me now! Joey threw a horrible interception on what would have been the game-winning drive, and this stupid Joey Lover was all like, "the reciever ran the wrong route!"
by CoolHandChris December 13, 2004
A Detroit Lions fan who has been driven at least partially insane from watching too much bad football and, thus, is obsessed with the notion that Joey Harrington is a terrible quarterback and the primary stimulus for the team's futility.

True Joey Haters often have unresolved anger issues and are often overheard saying things like, "Joey sucks" or "Joey is the worst quarterback in the NFL" or "Joey is a noodle-arm." Although sometimes, while sleeping, they may be heard muttering, "I love you, Joey" or "Joey is hot."

A Joey Hater feels that it is very important to take a stand against Joey. They feel this inner-conviction of theirs will help the Lions be a better team.

A True Joey Hater's favorite passtime is arguing with his positive doppelganger or antithesis, the Joey Lover. During these exchanges all aspects of Joey's game are likely to be covered. The Joey Hater will usually, although not always, be the first to resort to personal attacks which contain homophobic slurs.
Joey had a sweet game against the Giants, but A.D. was all like, "Joey still sucks." Man, that dude is a true Joey Hater!
by CoolHandChris December 13, 2004
1)The starting quarterback of the Detroit Lions who was selected third overall in the 2002 NFL draft. His skill level is the subject of much debate amongst Lions fans.

2)Calling someone a "Joey Harrington" could have many meanings depending on one's Joey orientation: Joey Lover, Joey Hater or neither.
Joey Harrington took the snap from center, executed a five-step drop and fired the football downfield.
by CoolHandChris December 13, 2004
1)A sports fan who blindly idolizes a particular athlete in spite of this athlete's obvious failure/figurative or literal homosexuality.

2)Back in the day, a butler or male house slave.

3)A submissive homosexual male (or, more unusually, a mentally disabled heterosexual man) who is kept as a sex slave, usually in a tiny box or cage by a dominant homosexual male. This particular type of manservant is usually forced to wear a leather S&M suit/hood, and usually has a very bushy Village People mustache. Also see The Gimp.
1)Jesus, dude! Joey Bluekies was 5 for 22 for 47 yards for the whole game, yet you're still just his little manservant, aren't you?

2)Tell my manservant that I'll be taking coffee an hour earlier than usual this morning.

3)Bob passed out drunk the other night and Jane and I were like, "let's snoop around his house." So we find this wooden box in his basement with a sliding lock on the OUTSIDE! We were like, "what the hell?" We open it and there's this guy inside wearing a dog collar and leather hood with a zipper over the mouth! We were freaking out! Jane unzipped the dude's mouth and he goes, "Me bad?" We both screamed and got the hell out of there fast. Can you believe that Bob has a manservant in his basement!?
by CoolHandChris December 13, 2004
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