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A Detroit Lions fan who has been driven at least partially insane from watching too much bad football and, thus, is obsessed with the notion that Joey Harrington is a terrible quarterback and the primary stimulus for the team's futility.

True Joey Haters often have unresolved anger issues and are often overheard saying things like, "Joey sucks" or "Joey is the worst quarterback in the NFL" or "Joey is a noodle-arm." Although sometimes, while sleeping, they may be heard muttering, "I love you, Joey" or "Joey is hot."

A Joey Hater feels that it is very important to take a stand against Joey. They feel this inner-conviction of theirs will help the Lions be a better team.

A True Joey Hater's favorite passtime is arguing with his positive doppelganger or antithesis, the Joey Lover. During these exchanges all aspects of Joey's game are likely to be covered. The Joey Hater will usually, although not always, be the first to resort to personal attacks which contain homophobic slurs.
Joey had a sweet game against the Giants, but A.D. was all like, "Joey still sucks." Man, that dude is a true Joey Hater!
by CoolHandChris December 13, 2004
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