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what is going on wit your 'homie' or 'blood' wen u see them for the 1st time after a period of time when you havent seen them
yo what crackalatin my wigger- in other words what have you been doing since i last saw you
by conrad March 16, 2004
A drug runner; A drug courier; especially from DelMarVa area of the East Coast
Scrambler comes here once a month to provide us with llello
by Conrad July 26, 2003
1.)Def Jam hip hop artist
2.) "Niggas On the Run Eating"
by Conrad June 19, 2003
1. Pubic hair

2. Current president of the U.S., who is as useful as pubic hair.
1. Holy shit! Not another crab infestation of my bush!

2. President Bush is Halliburton's ass muppet.
by Conrad July 27, 2004
A person who will jump into any car he can get his ass into, regardless of whos driving and where they are going
Hey whats going on?, Where are we goin?
get the fuck out you Car Slut
by Conrad March 27, 2003
1) Oppression of a religious group that is despised by most of society.
2) In right-wing fundamentalist Newspeak, the act of disagreeing with fundamentalist protestants and/or refusing to give them special entitlements, such as school-sponsored prayer.
1) What the Nazi regime did to the Jews was true persecution.
2) Christians don't persecute Wiccans!!! They persecute us by not letting us burn them at the stake!!!
by Conrad June 08, 2004
Street Slang for the birds that pick at decomposing Corpses.
"When we found him, there were all types of Gulls pickin' at em"
by Conrad June 19, 2003

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