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Female Sex organ
by Conrad June 19, 2003
people that dropped out of school and used their money from their paper round to buy their vauxall nova and take 14 year old girls for rides in them jus coz they cant get girls their own age.
:mum gis a couple'a quid so i ca' ge' sum petrol.ta
by conrad March 16, 2004
A horizontal growth spurt brought on by the copious consumption of fast food, twinkies or beer, in conjunction with prolific television use.
"Man, this pitcher of beer sure hits the spot after all those chicken wings. better prepare for a girth spurt by loosening the old belt before I settle in for the double header!"
by Conrad January 15, 2005
The process of white people leaving an urban area for the suburbs leaving a black plurality. The process can only be complete when African-Americans hold the positions of power such as Mayor and police chief.
When Kip Holden was elected mayor the blackenization of Baton Rouge was completed.
by Conrad January 20, 2005
someone who is usually subjected to narrowminded hostility in his or her own time, but is vindicated by posterity. Many of the political figures we revere today were liberals in their own time.
50 years ago, it was "liberals" who wanted to put an end to racial discrimination and segregation
100 years age, it was "liberals" who wanted safe working conditions and female suffrage
150 years ago, it was "liberals" who wanted to put an end to slavery
230 years ago, it was "liberals" who wanted an independent nation of America.
by Conrad February 16, 2004
Street Slang for the AIDS virus
" He got the monster he'll be dead in a year."
by Conrad June 19, 2003
ebonics, <standard english give
to give
We raise de wheat,
Dey gib us de corn;
We bake de bread,
Dey gib us de crust;
We sif de meal,
Dey gib us de huss;
We peel de meat,
Dey gib us de skin;
And dat's de way
Dey take us in;
We skim de pot,
Dey gib us de liquor
And say dat's good enough for nigger.
by Conrad May 12, 2004

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