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When one is so high, drunk, or simply exhausted that they feel as though they are living in a cartoon.
I just did so many hits of acid I'm totally cartooning bro!
#delirious #hazy #tipsy #dazed #incoherent
by Lowbar April 29, 2013
Verb: The act of wearing the same clothing for an extended period of time, emulating popular television shows intended to appeal to young children.
"Hey Arnold" characters that wear the same clothing in every episode are a prime example of cartooning.
#cartooning #cartoons #clothing #similar #television
by TheCartoonist November 18, 2011
Using Ketamine and Cocaine at the same time. Name comes from the cartoon animal on the box of Mexican Ketamine that is smuggled over the border for sale in the United States
Cartooning is almost as good as a candy flip"
by Conrad July 26, 2003
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