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4 definitions by Collins

Somthing for men to look at when they are talking to you.
"Dude that girl showed me her tities"
by COLLINS October 14, 2003
187 99
A combination sport, involving table tennis, squash, badminton and tennis. Each sport is played against the same opponent up to 21 points. The winner of the overall match is the player with the most points, rather than the player that wins the most sets.
Steve: "What's the best sport in the world?"
Magnus: "I believe that's Racketlon".
by Collins December 02, 2004
10 1
Cockfaced Jewgro
by Collins August 30, 2003
9 9
An alternative spelling of the more commonly used word 'definitely'.
Simon was definately wrong this time.
by Collins December 01, 2004
32 293