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A seriously bad dream, but experienced during daylight hours.
"I had a nightmare yesterday."

"Oh? At what precise time did this happen?"

"During my afternoon siesta."

"Dude, that wasn't a nightmare. That was a daymare!"
#sleep #dream #nightmare #daymare #siesta
by Colin 100 December 07, 2012
Capable of being done.
"Running a first marathon on only sixteen weeks' training? Yes, it's do-able. You won't enjoy it, dude, but it's do-able."
#possible #capable #able #difficult #hard
by Colin 100 November 27, 2012
The momentary doorstep halt while you check you have your keys, before pulling the front door shut.
"Why's that guy stood there like a statue with his front door still open?"
"Dude, he's probably having his front door pause."
#front door #pause #door key #locked out #dorkee
by Colin 100 November 01, 2013
A pill some people need to take in order to restore their sense of humour.

They're green, with raised red letters that say SoH, and taste like sugar candy.
"This happens to some poor unfortunate guy, and you write that? You cock-eyed cretin, f*** off, idiot."

"Take your sense of humour pill, Nick."
#serious #medication #amusing #soh #gsoh
by Colin 100 December 07, 2012
How you learn your lessons in life when you never listened to your father.
"That Desmond, he only ever learns the hard way, don't he?"

"He never listened to his father, that's why."
#father #child #learning #knowledge #experience #feargal sharkey
by Colin 100 November 30, 2012
An international concept that entails a union between a man and a woman.
"We're going to get married."

"But Dan, you're a guy, and Hector is a guy too. How can you possibly get married? It isn't possible."

"It is now!"

"It won't really be a marriage though, will it? You need a man and a woman for that."
#man #woman #marriage #union #sham
by Colin 100 December 09, 2012
Someone playing the victim, who works in a place voluntarily but wants to pretend there's an obligation forcing them to be there.
"You ain't no wage slave actually, honey. Door's over there! Woss stoppin' you leavin' if you likes? Why nuttin! Nuttin stoppin you leavin at all. So stop your moanin' an pretendin' an get real."
by Colin 100 December 29, 2015
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