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A daymare is when you are daydreaming but it seems more like a nightmare.
Judy placed her crotch over my head and now i keep having a daymare about it.
by Hotpants April 19, 2005
An intensely scary event occurring in your imagination while you are awkwake.

Like a day dream, but a horribly frightening one, such that it is more like a nightmare.
Aw man, what if that hott girl I hooked up with was my cousin? Shoot, I gotta go rip my eyeballs out!
Relax, man, it's just a daymare. She's not your cousin.
You're right... Grandma just said she's my sister's cousin.
by Ducky von Wolfhausen June 30, 2010
A seriously bad dream, but experienced during daylight hours.
"I had a nightmare yesterday."

"Oh? At what precise time did this happen?"

"During my afternoon siesta."

"Dude, that wasn't a nightmare. That was a daymare!"
by Colin 100 December 07, 2012
A vivid, unpleasant mental image (as in a nightmare) conjured in broad daylight, such as an impending crash, or a thought of a loved one in distress, which can cause a strong emotional response such as fear or horror.
Scott still isn't home from the game, and I'm having such a daymare! I know he's stretched out on the pavement somewhere.
by Laura Gay July 03, 2011
A bad dream that is so horrific. It came in your mind while you were sleeping in the day... Although it should have occurred at night. It obviously a nightmare that happened in the day.
I had a crazy daymare. So scary it should have happened at night.
by Laurice Amarante September 02, 2015
a bad dream when you sleep during daytime. opposite of nightmare.
John: I had the scariest daymare on my way to work this morning.

Doug: You fell asleep on the train again?
by babybeeks July 22, 2014
it is having a nightmare during the day while one is awake. usually leads to the person to sleep in order to escape the horror that was presented during the incident. there could be multiple incidents in one day of extreme horror. it simpler words it is like having a bad day, yet so much worst that it leads you to hope the next day will just come already.
William: Hey Dude come check this out, it is gruesome!

Tyler: yea sure.... OMG!! WTF IS THAT?!?!?!... NO! Nevermind.. I'm Out!

-Hours later-

Tyler: Man... that was disturbing and it wont get off my mind. what a Day-mare today was... I'm just gonna go to sleep and hope tomorrow is better.
by Funky23 December 31, 2009
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