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Using the chainsaw to kill someone in gears of war.
I am a gearsawer, I don't need to shotgun, because when they get close, I hack them in two.
by Cogitator August 08, 2008
A mixed bag of typically female sports figures who take a support role to mostly male sporting events.
Cheerleaders are a very mixed bag, becuase I didn't know my girlfriend was a varsity cheerleader until she told me, but another one looks at me like I am worthless scum that does not deserve aknowledgement.
by cogitator July 29, 2008
To crouch one someone's body after you kill them in a game (usually halo). To but your sack into someone's mouth. A porous pouch containing enough tea for one serving.
That red team bastard teabagged me! Don't cry if you get neutered teabagging someone. Pass me the irish breakfast teabag please.
by Cogitator August 09, 2008
The US Military's current weapon. It is accurate, a bitch to keep working, and lack stopping power.
If you want to let them die slowly, shoot them with an
M-16. If you want to put that fucker out like a light, blast him with an AK-47. A lot of people prefer the AK to the M due to the issues of the 16 lacking the stopping power and reliability of the 47. The M-16 bullet tumbles and fragments when it hits human flesh, resulting in severe wounds, but does not have the flat out damage caused by the heavier AK-47 bullet, which demolishes everything in its path.
by cogitator November 29, 2009
An American performance car characterized by huge, powerful engines, poor handling, and rock and roll.
The two most iconic muscle cars: Camaro and Mustang.
Both of them have history stretching back to the sixties. Which of them is better?
The answer: I don't care; Porsche 911 smokes them both to hell anyways.
by cogitator November 29, 2009
Slayer is the best halo series gametype. Slayer is also the name of a very hardcore metal band.
I am great at social slayer, and decent in team slayer, and I should try listening to slayer (not taking them literally of course.)
by Cogitator August 14, 2008
Snowboarding is the new skiing.
I am the only fifteen year of skier I know of, but my friends enjoy snowboarding.
by Cogitator August 14, 2008

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