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A Large capacity magazine used in automatic weapons, aptly named like its friuty foil, the bananna. know about that hollow tip, i creep through you hood with a bananna clip
by Lil Smokay March 08, 2003
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a large, curved clip of ammunition for high powered automatic weapons.
This is my hustle, nigga don't knock me.
You need to shit with a banana clip to try and stop me.
50 Cent
by boom boom b July 24, 2004
Slang term for an AK-xx assualt rifle due to the shape of the magazine, which resembles a banana.
Keep it movin' prick or the bananclip will lace your ass up.
by Duke February 19, 2005
A large capacity magazine for Automatic weapons, Named after "banana clip" because it's shape resembles a banana
Yo Mannie pass me that banana clip so I can load this AK.
by AC April 23, 2004
A large plastic two-sided clamp style hair clip shaped like a curved magazine clip fashionable primarily in the late 1980's and early 1990's.
"Oh my God! Where did you get that bitchin' banana clip? It's like SO rad!"
by Valhans January 23, 2007
The yellow, crescent-shaped pit stains you get on white shirts from a combination of sweat and antiperspirant residue.
Bummer. I have to get some more white shirts. All mine have banana clips.

by mpo April 07, 2009
Rapper The Game aka Jayceon Taylor aka The Hurricane uses the word combination banana clip to express his feelings about the feud towards the rap group G-Unit, led by Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent. The G in G-Unit stands for either Ghost, Gangster or Guerilla, which can be easily misunderstood or misused as Gorillas. And so The Game uses the words banana clip in combination with gorillas. A common form for The Game to use is Poison Bananas. Primates and monkeys of course eat, you know, bananas. But don't forget children, the words banana clips are not just used by The Game, but also by 50 Cent. The Game uses the words poison bananas.
1) I'm a million dollar killah, I've got banana clips for ya so called gorillas.
2) (Chorus of the song Poison Bananas by The Game)
I got a clip full of poison bananas
And some cold hard killers from Compton (here monkey, monkey)
I got a clip full of poison bananas
And a cold hard killer from Philly (here monkey, monkey)
I got a clip full of poison bananas
And a cold hard killer from Long Beach (here monkey, monkey)
I got a clip full of poison bananas
And a cold hard killer from L.A. (here monkey, monkey)
by philly92 March 30, 2008
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