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Where the "chip" is referring to the son (or sometimes daughter), and the "block" is referring to the father (but seldom the mother). Meaning that the offspring heavily resemble their own parents. Also meaning that the son has acquired a characteristic from their father.
Hey Johnny, that's exactly what your Pop said! You're a real chip off of the old block, ya know that?
by Coffee February 27, 2005
To create a round-square would defy the laws of physics, philosophy, space, time, and spacetime. Such a thing could possibly cause the unweaving of the fabric of time and space. Existence as we know it would cease.
Uh-oh ... is that a round-square? ...

by Coffee May 02, 2005
Shit-faced, incredibly drunk, intoxicated beyond belief, or having consumed one too many alcoholic beverages.
Last night, Jerry pre-partied with some Popov Vodka, and then went out and had 12 cups of Natty and a few shots of shitty rum. When he came back, he was sherriffed.
by Coffee February 26, 2005
Applies as a nickname to a male with a penis that bends to one side, or is not straight when erect. This term is especially useful for any of your friends with the name "Ben," where "tweiner" follows as their make-believe last name. It yields a hilarious nickname that sounds just like "bent weiner."
I heard through the grapevine that you've got a tweiner!


Friend: Sup' Tweiner?
Ben: Shut up, ass-hole.
by Coffee February 23, 2005
They are sometimes refered to by their entire name, Suncoast Motion Picture Company. This store is quite possibly the worst place to work - ever. Since being purchased by Best Buy in 2000, things have only continued to decline in the work place and in sales. Steer clear of this horrible job and of their over priced DVDs.
Yo, you work at Suncoast? You freakin' loser! Get a real job!
by Coffee May 02, 2005
Something someone says when they want attention.
I hate this place and I'm leaving.
by Coffee September 14, 2003
Aside from the obvious defenitions regarding semen of some sort, this term can also be used to describe a slight misty rain; also known as drizzle. This term is especially appropriate when in the company of close friends while at the same time experiencing the rain for the first time in the day.
a: "Aw man, what the heck? It's raining now!"

b: "No dude, it's all good. It's just a slight jizzle."
by Coffee May 02, 2005

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