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One who sends pictures of his/her own genitalia to others via social media, most commonly over Twitter.
That tweiner sent pics of his junk that would make a fantastic ad for those little sausages people put out as holiday party treats
#sexting #anthony weiner #phone porn #social media #tweet
by Russ68 June 16, 2011
Used to describe the size of the male genetalia. ie: tiny weiner
Have you seen Lanny's lil' tweiner, yo?
#weiner #schlong #johnson #member #lil' dick
by Lucylou May 15, 2007
Applies as a nickname to a male with a penis that bends to one side, or is not straight when erect. This term is especially useful for any of your friends with the name "Ben," where "tweiner" follows as their make-believe last name. It yields a hilarious nickname that sounds just like "bent weiner."
I heard through the grapevine that you've got a tweiner!


Friend: Sup' Tweiner?
Ben: Shut up, ass-hole.
by Coffee February 23, 2005
A small weiner.

Phrase coined by Will
Alex has a tweiner.

Andre enjoys sucking on tweiner
#weiner #wang #willy #penis #shlong
by Hue Gwang September 12, 2006
The area between the ball sack and the ass hole. Also known as the taint or gooch.
I was trying to light my fart but I burnt my tweiner!
#tweiner #taint #gooch #twiener #between #balls #scrotum #ass hole
by Camp Louis June 15, 2008
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