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A person who you'd love to have in your life. Caring, sweet, generous, loving, and always listens.
Damn, I wish i had someone to talk to. Where's my Shenel?
by CocoNut April 01, 2012
porn star from london, who now lives in Leeds, Alabama
I saw NDeepa in David's porn collection
by coconut January 16, 2004
When a guy wanks in a girls mouth, who then doesn't swollow it but lick the guy's face.
Mmmmh, I'll cum! Oh, yeah, YEAAAHH!! Enjoyed it love?
Wait, did you swollow?
by coconut January 28, 2005
When an australian boy feels up a girl for hours without sexual intentions.
That toucherydoo last night was amazing, when will we do toucherydoo v2.0?
by coconut December 29, 2004
a hot n wet lover to Jessica
a sweet n sexy brown
by coconut April 12, 2004
She is no little dummy, and she knows how to make it all about her. Not MOUS certified, but inspired to do so. While others may claim her title, there is only one true princess. The others must remain in waiting and admire her from a far (Kentucky). She doesn't mind hanging with loser girl and is always willing to eat some greasy french fries at midnight.
Carmen is the true princess; Fara is only in waiting.
by Coconut February 26, 2004
Popular phrase used by radio top-jock John Laws on the 2UE radio station in Sydney.
"Hello, world..."
(every time his show starts)
by coconut April 16, 2005

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