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5 definitions by Coach Z

Coach Z's way of saying the word job.
"You did a great jorb out there,Homestar!"
by Coach Z September 26, 2003
Quite simply, a person who looks just like two other people.
Andy Roddick is a croppelganger of Seann William Scott and.... well no one... that's a bad example. Man, that's just as weird as Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley.
by coach Z November 08, 2003
small yello cheese shaped character
Eh there tha chort
by Coach Z August 26, 2003
Job...said with much pain.
"Hey coach, how'd I do?"
"That was a great.. JEAORB... you did out there..."
by Coach Z May 09, 2003
A large assembling of useless identities that do not have any purpose other than to be annoying
Tom Brady thrwe into a cluster fuck of defenders but was lucky to walk away with an incompletion
by Coach Z June 04, 2003