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Quite simply, a person who looks just like two other people.
Andy Roddick is a croppelganger of Seann William Scott and.... well no one... that's a bad example. Man, that's just as weird as Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley.
by coach Z November 08, 2003
Where a doppelganger is someone's exact double, a croppelganger is two people's exact double, but fused into one person. This person also must not be related to the other two.
The croppelganger stared in disbelief at the two people that looked just like him.
by My name? November 07, 2003
A person who looks uncannily like a mixture of two other people, so much so that they appear to be the offspring of the two other people (usually of the same gender).
"Hey, did you see that new croppleganger?"
"Yeah, she totally looks just like Kate and Jill!"
by Anonymous November 03, 2003
An individual who looks like a freakish combination/offspring of two equally garish and/or crappy human beings. (Generally of the same sex, yet a male-female combo would be totally fucked up)
That croppelganger is scaring the crap outta me!
by SGTcornsmith November 04, 2003
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