28 definitions by Clinton Ziza Smith

What the player is thinking inside his head, is he feeling nervous? what moves should he do?
the girl asks if he is trying to pick up on her, the player stalls for a minute since he got caught off gaurd from what his inner game plan was
by Clinton Ziza Smith May 20, 2006
abbreviation for goldigger, a goldigger is who captain save a ho saves
goldie screams out I want to be saved
by Clinton Ziza Smith May 20, 2006
anchor is a reminder of attraction when dating
the player may use his pen as an anchor to have her remember when she gave him her number
by Clinton Ziza Smith May 12, 2006
spitting game to the opposite sex
a player macking showing the outer game
by clinton ziza smith May 27, 2006
Captain save a ho a superhero who has an s on their chest
look under definition of captain save a ho their is an S on my chest like captain save a ho
by Clinton Ziza Smith April 28, 2006
pertaining to captain save a ho Like a superhero with an S on their chest putting on the cape and saving ho's when they need help from a guy/ superhero to pay the bills and get their hair nails done and paid for by captain save a ho.
Like captain save a ho he has got an S on his chest. S on my chest because I want to get some.
by Clinton Ziza Smith April 27, 2006
something that is jenke, ghetto,fake. not genuine. foul, shiesty, or generic.
she gave you generic kool aid? that is bobo
by Clinton Ziza Smith April 27, 2006

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