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someone who always seeks wealthy people or those in "high society" as a mate.
The girl going out with that fat guy is a gold digger 'cause he owns krispy kreme.
by TINA March 09, 2005
Goldigger - A person, male or felmale who will use one for money, through appeal and sex
A girl gets pregnant by 50 Cent on purpose. She now has alot of money in child services... She ain`t usein all that money on the kid...shes a goldigger
by OutlawXYZ January 16, 2006
Many people do not know this but men can be goldiggers too! A goldigger is any bitch or any nigga that cant live without YOUR money and will make you feel bad if they cant have it.
1. Jerome:Baby I need to hold $100 for tomorrow its important.
Sarah: What the fuck I just gave you $100 yesterday!
Jerome: Baby.....I thought you loved me.
Sarah:Nigga please go git it from some otha bitch you godamn goldigger!

2. Breana: Damn dem shoez is fly!Baby I hope you dont gotta work tonite cuz i got something planned 4 us.

Keith: bitch please that line is played out you goldiggin bitch!
by Ladii Dypsett March 10, 2007
1:A song written by Kanye West.
2: A trick that goes out with a nigger for cash.
1:Now I ain't sayin' you a goldigger but you ain't messin' with no broke nigger.
2: Man: Hey will you marry me? Girl: If you got got $25,000, then hell yeah!!!
by Ja'Tiffany September 10, 2005
a goldigger is someone who looks for captain save a ho first thing goldigger may ask if they have a job. goldiggers commonly are proud to call themselves goldie attempting to get their fake extensions and nails paid for by captain save a ho
goldigger looks at captain save a ho like they have them in check and expects to get their bills paid
by Clinton Ziza Smith May 20, 2006
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