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internet losers who must mask the fact that they don't have their own personality or social life. Most likely of canadian origin.
grimlock, RUSTEDSTUFF, america junior, bhat mann, winnie the trent reznor, space ghost, THE wade carlson
by cj June 10, 2004
1. To slap a person with a penis, hard or soft. Aka Cock Slap.
1. I frapped her ass with my 9 foot penis. She now has an abnormal scar in the shape of a mushroom on her cheek.
by CJ March 08, 2004
Reffered mainly to mafia and gangs. Sending men to surround a block with dozens of cars full of men, and firing at the block until it is leveled.
Hymie Weiss's gang hit the block that Al Capone was dining at with a friend, but no one was hurt.
by cj October 17, 2003
1. An insult to one's behavior, intelligence, strength, or perserverance, if any.
2. To tell someone off by stating facts.
1. "Oh my god, you are beyond shimmy, you didn't know what we were talking about!"
2. "You are one fat shimmy!"
by CJ September 08, 2004
1. A moment when all luck is bad.
2. A cruel insult for someone you hate.
1. I just got beat with the shit stick!2. I am gonna cap yo ass with a 9-, shit stick.
by CJ March 08, 2004
The call of the heroin cult. Draws said cult near. Use cautiously.
Timian: Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Liam: ARGH! Don't make that sound!
by CJ September 05, 2004
a person with the name justin fisher.
justin is a jizzhead.
by cj March 30, 2004
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