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The Canadian pronounciation of 'dollars,' best used when offering someone ten dollars on the boardwalk to sink that dumb ass fucking clown.
Hey man, I'll give you ten daaawlers to try and sink that clown!
by Cinnamon Crime Ring (CCR) May 03, 2004
The last Friday of April; usually warm and sunny so natureally all the hot chicks or "boxes" are out and about.
Who wants to go to Sesame Place?

Fuck you it's International Box Day! I'm waiting at the middle school till it lets out!
by Cinnamon Crime Ring (CCR) May 03, 2004
Hoots of joy or sadness from the African American Negro.
After receiving his first paycheck from Popeye's, Dushuon let out a biscuit hoot of glee heard 'round the 'hood. But then, this bicuit hoot was followed by a sad biscuit hoot when he realized that half of this check would go to child support, the other half would go to Luigi the rock slanger.
by Cinnamon Crime Ring (CCR) May 02, 2004
Of or like a cunt.
Nah, I don't feel like coming out tonight.

Oh don't be so cuntricidical.
by Cinnamon Crime Ring (CCR) May 04, 2004
When your urine comes out with the deepest shadow-like black shade. This is most common after eating fried chicken, black eyed peas, collard greens, watermelon, biscuits, or a hot eight piece all together.
After watching the Family Matters marathon, Karl ripped the most cooney piss of his life, shattering the ceramic toilet bowl.
by Cinnamon Crime Ring (CCR) May 02, 2004
When you go through the exact same stages of puberty, common among males ages 18- 36 and Puerto Rican women
"Puberty's better the second time around!"

"This puberty came with a vagina, too!" shouted Bobby.
by Cinnamon Crime Ring (CCR) May 02, 2004
Biography of an anus. Most common among celebrities.
"What book are you reading?"
"The Analization of Mel Gibson"
"He has an analography already?
by Cinnamon Crime Ring (CCR) May 03, 2004

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