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6 definitions by Ciaran

A location, such as across a door-frame, in upper corners of a room, or between branches on a tree, where a spider may wish to build it's web.
The house hasn't been cleaned for months - all the web sites are full.
by ciaran July 30, 2003
Shorty beardy cunt often found in garden centres.
I was at B&Q at the weekend and it was full of jymmes
by ciaran June 13, 2003
the piece of skin between one's balls and arsehole. also known as guch
that kid i know got a pen stuck in his bifkin and lost a shitload of blood...nice...
by ciaran February 12, 2004
Someone who comes across as 'tight' or 'cheap.
1st person :'lend me a quid plz'
2nd person : 'no dnt beg'
1st person : 'sweaty bitch'
by Ciaran February 27, 2005
a word used to describe the native language of Ireland used in converstions when someone has no clue what its called.
do you speak dublish?
by Ciaran May 17, 2004
a headbutt to the lumpy bit on the nose, shattering it instantly.
g'here noo ya proddie, hun bast'rd ye! im gonna gee ya the fuckin kiss!
by ciaran February 12, 2004