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The Kill Death Ratio, Commonly Referred to as K/D, KDR or Kill/Death, is the average rate of the amounts of deaths you need per kill. For instance, a KDR of 1 means that your number of death equals the number of kills you have. If your KDR is lower than one, then you have more deaths than kills, and vice versa.

Summary (may require some mathematical understanding):
If 0 < k < 1, or log(k) < 0, then you are a n00b.
If k > 1, or log(k) > 0, then you are a good player.
(k is your Kill Death Ratio)
Guy 1:
Duude! I'm l33t!

Guy 2:
What's your Kill Death Ratio?

Guy 1:

Guy 2:
*challenging face*

Guy 1:
0.5 *attempted puppy face*

Guy 2:
LOL nub!!!!!11
by ChromeLynx May 10, 2010
Basic rules for being socially acceptable on stranger chat sites, such as Omegle. Appearently, nobody applies to these rules.
Omegle Courtesy Rule # 1:
Always say hello

Omegle Courtesy Rule # 2:
Never leave before you have introduced yourself.
by ChromeLynx May 23, 2010
RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

It's a theme park simulator published in 2004 by very different parties than its predecessors RCT and RCT2. It's also the first version in the series in 3D, and where you can actually ride the coasters like a passenger.
(1) Why is he in his room all day?
(2) He's playing RCT3.
(1) Ah
by ChromeLynx August 30, 2010
A: In biology, the Cell Membrane is a thin layer between the surrounding area and the cell's inside. It consists of Phospholipides (Soapy molecules) and Cholesterol (The Anti-advertised body chemical) and a whole lot of proteins. Theoretically, it's liquid. the fact the body doesn't collapse is just because of the hard skin on the outside and the hard bones and some gelitine and solid proteins inside.

B: For internet lolz and retard understanding, see the other description
There are thousands of proteins in and on the Cell Membrane of just a simple muscle cell.
by ChromeLynx April 30, 2010
1: Offensive To the Easily Offended.

OTEO covers the grey area between SFW and NSFW. It means that the presented link contains mildly suggestive content.
Derp1: DUDE! this picture is SOO HOT!!
Derp2: Dude! That's just curves! No tits or anything!
Derp2: Dude. What are your standards...
Derp1: Let it slide. I'll list it as OTEO.
Derp2: cool.
by ChromeLynx October 30, 2012
Alpine MusicSafe Pro.
This is a pair of earpieces, that partially block out sound around you, so it remains audible, but not loud enough to be bad for your ears.

Sound Condoms obviously comes from Sound and Condom. Condoms preserve the fun and reduce the risk of what they're used for, which I'm not going to literally post here. Sound Condoms make sure you can still hear your music and enjoy it, but just reduce the chance of permanent hearing damage, just like normal condoms protect you from AIDS.
Aargh! That drumkit is LOUC, bro! Why don't you have hearing damage yet!?
I use Sound Condoms
See? *shows the contents of his ears*
Ah. I get it.
by ChromeLynx May 15, 2010

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