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1) something ill defined, or uncertain
2) the best coffee shop in Amsterdam
1) What happens at area 51?
That is a grey area.

2) let's head to Grey Area and get some dank nuggs
by Rasilon June 08, 2006
A slang term coined by south-eastern Wyoming marijuana smokers. Most often used to refer to getting high, but also to welcome a first time smoker.
"Hey man I just got some new bud."
"Yeah man, lets go to that grey area." or
"Wow, that was my first toke!"
"Hey, welcome to that grey area."
by TheNifty February 09, 2010
(1) The space BetweenTheEars
(2) Level 54 Ranger...WOOT!!
The space BetweenTheEars is a Greyarea; That Greyarea is a Level 54 Ranger.
by Anonymous February 28, 2003
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