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The Kill Death Ratio, Commonly Referred to as K/D, KDR or Kill/Death, is the average rate of the amounts of deaths you need per kill. For instance, a KDR of 1 means that your number of death equals the number of kills you have. If your KDR is lower than one, then you have more deaths than kills, and vice versa.

Summary (may require some mathematical understanding):
If 0 < k < 1, or log(k) < 0, then you are a n00b.
If k > 1, or log(k) > 0, then you are a good player.
(k is your Kill Death Ratio)
Guy 1:
Duude! I'm l33t!

Guy 2:
What's your Kill Death Ratio?

Guy 1:

Guy 2:
*challenging face*

Guy 1:
0.5 *attempted puppy face*

Guy 2:
LOL nub!!!!!11
by ChromeLynx May 10, 2010
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A ratio used in FPS games like Call of Duty. It is used as to show how many times someone dies vs how many kills they get. For example, if someone has the same amount of kills and deaths, their kill/death ratio would be 1.00. Their ratio would be over 1 if they have more kills than deaths and lower than 1 if they have more deaths than kills.

A common belief is that is the best way to see how good someone is. While this is fairly true, it is more of proof of the player's playing style.

If their k/d is well over 1 or in the 2 and above range, chances are they camp more than the average player and don't come out of hiding very often.

If their k/d hovers around 1, they are the average player who will hide for a bit, but spends most of their time running and looking for enemies.

A k/d under 1 indicates that the player probably runs around like a chicken with its head cut off and gets picked off by campers.
Camper: My kill death ratio is 2.19

Average player: Mine is 1.02

Runner: My k/d is 0.74

Kill Death Ratio doesn't really prove how good you are, more so the player's playing style.
by zuawg November 24, 2010

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