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A term discribing something that is so bad that the word AWFUL has to be used twice.
Person 1: Dude, did you here the new MN Vikings theme song yet?

Person 2: Yeah man, I just did and its the most Awfully-Awful song EVER written...! What on earth was anyone thinking to ever think that was good?

crap junk shit
by ChrisKola January 22, 2010
A sudden and true realization (of your own thoughts and truth) that usually occurs after smoking good weed or consuming large amounts of alcohol.
by chriskola January 04, 2010
Usually a place where a group gathers in order to get the evening started. Most times "Starter-Bars" are located in the suburbs. After a few drinks and appetizers the group moves on to other places for good entertainment.
Person 1: Dude are you gunna meet us at the "Starter-Bar" after work tonight?

Person 2: Yeah dude, and after that we all should go down town to see that new band we've been talking about.

happy hour drinks cocktails party appetizers drunk
by ChrisKola January 26, 2010
A person who spends so much time on a computer/online that they have totally lost touch with reality and have lost all there social skills.
Chris: Hey Rob, ya wana go grab a burger and a beer?
Rob: Naw, I cant cuz my Chicken Parmesan in Cafe World/FaceBook Is guna be ready in a 1/2 hour.
Chris: Wow, you'd rather do that than hang out with me?
Rob: Yup..!
Chris: WOW dude! I never realized that you were sutch a "Cyber Looser"
by chriskola January 05, 2010
A definite noticeable differene between crowds of people gathered in the suburbs cmpared to crowds of people gathered in the city.
Person 1: Dude, did you get a good look at the crowed last night?
Person 2: Yeah dude, for sure..! You could tell we weren't down town last night cuz the crowed was TOTALLY "Sickly-Suburban"

suburban sticks soccer mom suburbs hick
by ChrisKola January 26, 2010
An enduring greeting to friends and loved ones.
hello hi greetings hey there sup aloha hellaloha
Sophie the bunny greets her friends every morning at breakfast by saying "HELLOLY"
by chriskola January 02, 2010
A "some what" friendly greeting usually expressed in online chats especially when the intent in not exactly 100% genuine. Usually used by people when they want to make there presence known without getting to personal.
Oh look, Mary's friend Mike is online right now, and he is very influential. I might actually get something out of him later down the line so I should at least give him a greeting but I better not call him by name because I dont want to be his friend or anything. So I better just say "Hey There"
by chriskola January 05, 2010
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