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1. Pirate's greeting.

2. Interjection used by pirates.

3. Expression of great joy.

4. Jubulant greeting.
1. "Yar, maties, to-day we sail to the Dry Tortugas!"

2. "Yar, whirrs me cutlass? I got an itch, yar. Yar, I need to do laundry!"

3. "YAR! I just won the lottery!"

4. "Yar, Fred, hows it going?"
by CHRIS October 11, 2003
brick of cocaine or brick of yayo or kilo
get a pot with the stove on warm get a block quicker then the ready rock form
by chris March 07, 2005
a spid wad made by sucking the mucous into the back of your throat and combining it with saliva.
That was a gross lugie he just spat, it's green.
by Chris September 02, 2003
when a girl removes her thong, grips it in her hand, and uses it to get a guys rocks off
My legs were shaking after she gave me a great thong job.
by chris June 14, 2004
highly respected comic (comix!) book artist - did the cover for janis jopln's album
robert crumb
by chris December 14, 2003
The cops
I saw the rozzers, so I fucked off.
by Chris December 14, 2002
Also commonly known as The Greek, The Great, Bum Fucker,greek god or Crazy son of a bitch. Loves to party, loves big fat greek parties, loves women, makes love to women, women love christos. Kind, sympathetic, and always knows wut not to say, christos charms not only women, but other forms of life. Is very inviting and loves sports, soccer is the best cuz god put it in the commandments in fine print at the bottom. Also on the same level wit an Enzo, Christo and Enzo will rise one day to build an empire, one where everyone can be as great them.
Ey, Christos don hurt me plz, i love greeks
Ey,Christos, u noe my friend Jim? hes greek
Don pull a Christos, ur ass will be sore in the mornin (insert signature Christos laugh here)
by chris February 01, 2005

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