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the act of cloning oneself to have sweaty jungle sex with it, and to wake up in the morning, with neither persons able to remember who is the clone and who is the original.
I caught Stratafyre clone-fucking again. all 6 of them are grounded for a week!
by Chop-Logik July 07, 2003
When a site has become unreachable because of too much traffic/excess of bandwidth. Coined at Sensibleerection.com. Related: Farked, Slashdotted.
Dude, the Geocities site got Sensibly Shafted, I can't see it.
by Chop-Logik January 30, 2003
The girl used as the masthead of a porn post. Generally considered the, or one of the, hottest girl(s). From Sensible Erection.
thumbgirl plz!! we want more pics of teh thumbgirl!!!11
by Chop-Logik July 25, 2003
Past tense of hack/hax. In reference to hax0rz. See also pwnd.
d00d i hax3d j00r ass!
by Chop-Logik January 30, 2003
The Alpha and Omega of pr0n - found at sensibleerection.com
the latest t33n pr0n post had 600 galleries. I jizzed all over the mainframe!
by Chop-Logik January 30, 2003
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