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a dog, usually friendly and intelligent, but can also be used as a generalization
Good deast! Fetch the stick!
That is an awesome deast!
by Celton July 06, 2004
The superlative for a fat, friendly cat.
A great pet to have around.
Majestic tubbudah-quiest is so fuzzy! I love my majestic tubbudah-quiest.
by Celton July 06, 2004
A phrase used for describing a serious mistake or problem.
I fungled up on that test.
Man, you really fungled up on that one.
by Celton July 06, 2004
Derived from the substance 'creatine', often used by body builders. Describes a man of immense muscle size, more powerful than a beast.
Lee Priest is a total creanoid.
Man, look at that creanoid.
by Celton July 06, 2004
A female of notable beauty. Usually with large bust-size and long legs.
I like having chickages over to my place.
Look at all those hot chickages.
by Celton July 06, 2004
An extremely beautiful woman. Usually of superstar or model quality in terms of physical appearance. Plural: Chicksa-bei-hung.
There's a chicka-bei-hung in the apartment above me.
That chicka-bei-hung is hot!!
by Celton July 06, 2004
Title for a person who is weird, odd, or unique in some abnormal, but positive way.
That guy is a Mojo!
Man, he is such a cool Mojo.
by Celton July 06, 2004
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