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to Deak... to take descrption of sexual acts beyond the normal socially acceptable norm.
good god, I didnt need to hear _just_ how far up your butt that banana went.
by Cas September 12, 2003
the greatest forum known on the net.
www.milk.sporkyou.com has many members and is still growing.
by CAS December 14, 2003
The coolest mod on the net.
Darkace has bann thee from the forum
by CAS December 14, 2003
yes the monkey has landed
the hoobadoob likes Sean and will always be there for him unless he sux then he'll be like ur an asshole god DAMNIT.
by Cas November 30, 2003
Generally a short, long-haired youth (male). It is not uncommon to find they have rat-features.
Likes to think that they are musically talented. In reality, they are not as their fingers cannot stretch beyond two strings.
'What's that? Short with long hair? Ah! Pygmy'
by Cas January 18, 2004
theme of milk.sporkyou.com
peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat
by CAS December 14, 2003
A term/phrase to imply that something is good, or to the extent of being excellent.
More commonly used by cadets of 148 Barnsley sqn.
Sounds better when said in a Yorkshire accent. No other accent can pull it off really.
Often confuses those who aren't in the know when you say an item of clothing is Gucci. So my advice is don't say it around those people; they would think you were dense/illerate.
'That is one Gucci rifle!'
by Cas January 19, 2004

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