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A phrase used to describe any overhyped, zero-talent 'celebrity'. Usually rises to alleged stardom with the aid of sleazy sex tapes, obnoxious behaviour in public, leeching off someone else's celebrity status, petty crime or extremely questionable dress sense. Another sickening product of an entertainment industry hell-bent on pandering to a worthless generation of drooling, slack-jawed morons.
"I don't even bother watching regular TV anymore. Too much manufactured meat."
by Bugzapper May 12, 2013
One's penis, of course.
"That cricket ball hit me square on my Mister Muscle! Good thing I was wearing the old jelly mould!"
by Bugzapper February 24, 2014
Omnomivore: A person who experiences intense pleasure when eating... Rather like an old-school 'gourmand', but somewhat less selective in their choice of comestibles. It should also be noted that an alarming amount of bacon is present in a typical omnomivore's 'diet'.
"There's carnivores, herbivores, omnivores... And then there's that fellow taking his third trip around the buffet. He's an omnomivore."
by Bugzapper December 01, 2013
I can define 'humpbump', but Urban Dictionary would refuse to publish it for no adequately explained reason. Again.

Apparently, correct spelling, acceptable grammar and a modicum of wit generally fails to "make the cut".

And yes, I have viewed extensive UD entries to gauge what material might be considered acceptable. Given the overall level of scholarship displayed in this *outstanding* specimen of vernacular lexicography, I suspect that any further submissions may need to be made using human faeces smeared on a tattered brown paper bag.

Thank you, and good-night. :p
humpbump: (n.) A prominent mons veneris.
by Bugzapper October 10, 2013

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